Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Super Inc. Log

Here is a quick go-to list for the weekly Superhero devotions
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5. Gods Among Us Series
4. The Spider-Man Series
3. Dark Knight Series
2. Avengers Vs. X-Men Series

All Super devotions listed in chronological order:

73. The Godkiller
72. A Life of Disaster (Marvelous Man)
71. The Comic Book Liberation Festival
70. The Convention (A Place to Fit)
69. Peace and Prayer (Oratio and the Immortal Iron Fist)
68. The Crossroads of Hell (Age of Ultron)
67. Christmas?!? (Watchmen)
66. Καιρός (Watchmen)
65. Compromise (Watchmen)
64. The Face in the Rorschach (Watchmen)
63. A Dark Humor (Watchmen)
62. Silk Spectre (Watchmen)
61. The Watchmaker (Watchmen)
60. Insane Deadpool
59. Blind Spot
58. Icemen (Cold Love)
57. The Child Within (SHAZAM!)
56. The In-Between Moments (Punisher & Thor)
55. Becoming Someone Else (Superior Spider-Man)
54. Found You! (Gods Among Us)
53. God on Earth (Gods Among Us)
52. Desert Deception (Gods Among Us)
51. Ozymandias | BROKEN
50. A Scarlet Spider Christmas
49. God of Light (Gods Among Us)
48. Creation (Gods Among Us)
47. Trapped by Time (That Dastardly Fiend)
46. A Volstagg Thanksgiving
45. Τετέλεσται
44. Worldly Temptation: The Absolute Evil is Here!
43. X-Men Transfigurations!
42. Minimum Carnage
41. Watchmen
40. The Fall to Faith (A v X: Uncanny 18 & Round 12)
39. Gambit and the Power of Influence
38. Rémy LeBeau (Gambit)
37. Planting Seeds (Weeds of Faith)
36. San and Creation

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