Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Insane Deadpool

We've already had a week about the dichotomy of Deadpool, sharing his origin story.

Have we really?

Umm... Yeah. It's right here.

Sure... How do I know you're not just playing me?

How do I know that this isn't just some sort of way for me to accidently download
a virus that constantly spams my computer with pictures of nude chimichangas?

Uh... I guess I don't really... Just click the link.




You know, now that you mention it...
I could really go for some Mexican food.



There's more to say about the Merc with a Mouth.

Of course there is.

Shut up.

Make me.


Do it. Do it.

Just takes one little finger to pull the trigger...

Like you haven't done that before...

Guys... Guys... Come on now, 
they're probably getting sick of this.

Before the Deadpool reboot for MARVEL NOW!, Mr. Wade Mercenary-Amazingness Wilson had more thoughts swimming around in his head than accidents in the kiddy pool. Long-time fans of his may or may not have noticed the emptiness and lack of thought the character has now. But, back in the day--

--Get on with it!!

Shhh... I'm trying to pay attention...

I guess, we don't really need to reflect on the past too much to get where we're headed. Now, if your brain isn't already fried enough, there is a comic-book series continuing DP's thought-filled-legacy:

Get it? Get it?

Duh, it's like "Illustrated"
But, with a "K..."
Making it Killustrated.

After the astounding and horrific even that was "Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe," DP is on a quest to not only finish what he has started, wiping the whole fictional realm out of existence, but to destroy the entire multiverse... 

And, guess who he blames...


Yeah... Us!!

Whelp... What can yah do?

Some haywire scheme by Psycho Man leaves Deadpool's mind in even worse shape than it was before... That's saying something... Instead of hearty and comical characters, DP's voices become voices of (even more) irrationality and universal-homicide piners... or, even pioneers, I guess...

To begin the rest of his journey to destroy everything, DP heads back to the stories that have inspired the modern tales. He slaughters Moby Dick, haunts Uncle Scrooge, and hunts down Sherlock Holmes.

They're all just puppets anyway...
They're only playing the parts of the roles that they were written for.
A simple death would be better than that.

Yeah!! Why you gotta take it all out on us?!?
And, yes, we do know that all of these characters are
Well, characters...

We can break the fourth wall.

Gah!! That'd be creepy if Deadpool...
I mean 'I' broke the fourth wall
in a MOVIE!!!

Man, with all of these voices, I almost forgot where I was going with this... I really don't see how Deadpool does it. I guess I can see why they left them out of the new series.

That's just how the world is though, isn't it? Insane.

It's true. We have these voices coming out of everywhere. We have so many philosophical idols that shout out to us that we have trouble remembering our own thoughts. People say, "You must believe this!!" "You must believe that!!!" "You're wrong!!!" "No, you're wrong!!!"

See what he's doing there?

Yeah... he tried to get rid of us.
But, then he just started making his own voices...

What a noob...

In a world like this how are we supposed to keep everything straight?? We know that it's dangerous to listen to the wrong voices. We might turn out as dangerous as Deadpool if we do. But, how can we keep them outside of our heads??

It's tough. And, sadly, the voices usually don't offer you a way out. They are anything but helpful.  They lie.

Once you start to listen to them, they tell you how much of a joke everything is. They start sharing with you that you don't really need anyone else. You don't need to be dependent. You don't need the world or anyone in it. In fact, everything you have believed up until now, everything you've ever felt, everything that you have ever witnesses... it has all been a lie... a purposeless illusion. Now, don't ask those voices "Why?" They admit that they have no answer for you. "It's just the way it is." What they do claim to know is that you can just throw it all out. "You don't need what you don't understand." Another lie. They tell you that you can just kill off all of those fairy-tales like philosophy, history, and religion. "They're meaningless." They say that there's nothing wrong with obliterating whole realms of non-provable thought. "They're just someone's ideas." "They are nothing when compared to science!!!" More lies.

Now, I admit. I am just another one of those voices. But, I'm not claiming that you need to listen to me. I'm hoping to show you a better, stronger, solid place to look for your answers instead of just having lies spoon-fed to you.

Before the other lies convince you to stop believing in anything... to only see the world as chemicals and reactions... causes... effects... limited to what you can empirically see...  the opposite of rationality... before they insist that you cannot rely on only your five senses... leaving your mind behind... teaching you to worship Science... and ignore Philosophy... I beg of you, heed this voice, my sole voice, calling out to you in this modern wilderness... 

There is ONE firm foundation. Jesus Christ, the Lord, the Logos, the meaning, made flesh. Emmanuel  God with us. To know him, prayerfully study His word.

We have a grounds to stand on. "A stone, a tested stone, a precious cornerstone, of a sure foundation." Is. 28:16. "The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone" Matt. 21:42. Do not build your house on quicksand. But, on stone.

"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom." Proverbs 9:10.

We are more than characters or puppets, we are beloved children of God, Secured through Christ's sacrifice.

Otherwise, there is no meaning. The voices tear you down, one belief after another. They kill your foundations. They kill your understanding of not only the world, but also of who you are. They take your purpose and declare it a farce. And, ironically, they leave themselves no worldview to stand in.

Think about it.

After these voices destroy the world around them...

What will be left for them to stand on?




You know what I'm still waiting for?



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