Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fear Itself: Venom

The new Venom series is out with the veteran Flash Thompson using the symbiote Venom as a tool in the military. I haven't picked up my copy yet, but my provider's holding a copy for me. This series should be pretty interesting, especially with the new "Fear Itself" run.

The Symbiote itself fears the lack of a host (needing someone's emotions to feed off of to survive). It feeds into the spots of Flash's attitude that were addicted to alcohol, making him become addicted to the Venom (as the last host, Mac Gargan, was) and the strength that the alien can give him.

It looks like Flash will become afraid of his addiction to the Symbiote (without it he doesn't even have the legs to walk). He is also afraid of turning into a man like his father. But, mostly he is afraid of letting those he loves down one more time. He highly regards all of his friends and wanting to be "the man" a hero like Spider-Man and a warrior as a veteran. Without a meaning like this in his life he fears becoming a lost and lonely alcoholic again.

(If you like this Venom/Spy story line... also check out Haunt by Image comics)

Here's another cool cover from Venom 5:

Monday, April 25, 2011

Kerusso Easter

Chuck vs. the Rerun

 Bad news, Chuck fans, today's Chuck appears to be a rerun =( . I usually wouldn't have noticed until the Tuesday of the week, but fortunately/unfortunately I have the night off and could have enjoyed watching Chuck as it premiered. Alas, I was at a loss when I saw Chuck and Sarah once again spending the week together in a train compartment. So, instead of rewatching, instead of complaining, instead of voicing my concern, I decided to look at the (official) Chuck page on There, I had found a link, not only to everything Chuck, but to a section of the Chuck store that I could have only drempt of.

They have Jeffster shirts, Jeffster shot glasses, Jeffster Posters, Jeffster guitar picks... IT IS AWESOME... But, alas I could not buy this poster which my heart so desires for lack of expendable expenses from my Easter trip. Maybe I'll remember for next week. Anyway, until then, here's the link to the Jeffster shop:

Oh, and a picture of Yvonne Strahovski aka Sarah Walker.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Packers in 2011

Looks like the NFL might happen next year after all. God bless the Packers!!!

Fear Itself

This year Marvel is coming out with "Fear Itself" where the Marvel Universe puts its top-notch heroes against their greatest fears. Behind the scenes: they really wanted to do a big story with Captain America and Thor (partially because their movies are coming out).

All that I've heard so far is that the Red Skull (Cap's biggest enemy's daughter) meets up with a new Norse god who claims to be better than Odin and that Odin really isn't the all-powerful god he says he is. This new god performs some sort of horrific miracle that makes everyone question all they have ever believed in (Tony Stark questions all the science he's ever known). Can Cap and Thor defeat these two new enemies? Will Asgard stand or fall apart? The Fantastic Four (Now including Spidey instead of the currently deceased Human Torch) and the Mutants are also supposed to be playing a really big role in this.

And... we can't forget about Deadpool. There is a new hammer or possibly Thor's hammer is just given away to various characters in "If they be Worthy." It looks like Deadpool has a grasp on it in a story written by Chris Hastings who also writes for the extremely comedic online comic books.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Mumford and Sons

I'm not sure why this folky-band is so popular right now. It could be the singer's amazing voice, the sometimes soothing sometimes exciting tempo, or the stories and lyrics within their songs. Anyway, I really like this group.

Their song "Little Lion Man" always reminds me of Joshua 1:9. "Be strong and courageous, do not be terrified, do not be discouraged for the LORD, your God, is with you wherever you are." The lion reminds me of this courage and strength, the boldness we are to have in God. This song describes the feeling of the "discourage," what happens when we try to do it all without God. It acknowledges the strength and courage, but alone we can only "F*** it up this time."

"Little Lion Man" Lyrics:

Another one of their great songs is "The Cave" it bears help and hope. Not only will the singer not give up on himself, but he won't give up on you either. He will gain the courage and strength he needs, his trials make him stronger, grander than he was before. He won't give in to temptation, he will live as he is meant to be. There are a lot of Christian elements that you could take away from either one of these songs.

"The Cave" Lyrics:

Even though they are becoming even more popular now, I've listened to them most of the school year and they are always refreshing. When I'm looking for a good song to listen to, these two songs never let me down.

Friday, April 15, 2011


Innerpartysytem is an electronica/industrial rock band that I've just heard for the first time on the way back from work tonight.

American Trash was the song that was on:

This band draws you in with the club-like atmosphere and attempts to release your mind to the sound. It works. The scary part, though, is the fact that most of the lyrics are something I don't agree with. This song in particularly is basically saying that all you have and all you are will end up in the junk yard some day. Your body is just a body, implying there is no soul. This is all there is, so we should live now. This sad and wrong, paying attention to the music video, the song becomes a lament instead of a beat. I wish they knew the truth, that your soul continues to live on forever. You may be American, but you are not trash. God wouldn't have it that way.

Over all, I think I'll add them to my playlist, listen to them once in a while. But, always know that their lyrics are from a damned perspective, something I should empathize with but never conform to.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ragman Untold

With all of this excitement about the Tattered Man and the Blackest Night I feel like I'm neglecting something else really big. DC is coming out with a series (Untold) based on what was going on in the meantime, away from the main story-arching fight. This would include many stories including one about Ragman and one with Scarecrow wielding the Sinestro ring!!!!! (Something I've been waiting for since this whole series made it to planet Earth.)

Possibly spinning off from this, Ragman is going to have his own series which seems a lot like the Tattered Man only less gory and done by DC... BUT... Ragman is trying to come to terms with the souls he has trapped within his rags (a kin to the Suit of Souls wielded by Azrael who is another of my favorite "heroes").

For more info... check out this link:

Brother Warth

Here's a cool picture of Brother Warth. His image brings back memories of the Hindu wisdom god Ganesha from World Religions class. During the recent Blackest Night series many other color rings are uncovered all of which have their own emotion, corps, and oath (most of which also possess Hal Jordan for a certain amount of time) one of these rings is the Blue ring of Hope.

"In fearful day, in raging night,
With strong hearts full, our souls ignite,
When all seems lost in the War of Light,
Look to the stars-- For hope burns bright!"

The symbol for each ring is also different than the original Green Lantern. This Blue almost looks like it has a dove's wings on the sides. These Blue Lanterns (Saint Walker, Brother Hynn, Brother Warth...) are useless without the Will of a Green Lantern close by (Hope without Will is powerless). But, with the Blues the Will is super-charged, almost limitless.

These rings are probably my favorite, not only are they a shade of my favorite color, but it adds the significance of the Spiritual aspect to the Lantern world. As the members are Saints, peaceful, trusting people who look forward to the future.

The first Blue Lantern, Saint Walker, was chosen by an excommunicated member of the Guardians. He received his power by leading his race to believe that they would be alright even though their sun was dying. Through this, the sun was healed. Walker is also rumored to be appearing in the Justice League of America pretty soon.

These lanterns are noted for saying, "All will be well." Barry Allen, the Flash, was also an honorary member of the corps during the Blackest Night.

For more info check out Wiki:

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


For those of you who were found alone and crying last Monday for lack of things to do because there was no Chuck. Rejoice! For yesterday Chuck was back!!!! I haven't watched it yet, but I'm sure it was better than ever. "Chuck vs. the Family Volkoff" is Queued on my Hulu as I type. Going to push play.... NOW.

Oh, btw, here's a picture of the director/Morgan/Cap. Awesome/Jeff/Lester from the panel I saw them on at the end of Spring Break a couple weeks ago.

The Tattered Man (Image Comics) by Jim Palmiotti and Justin Gray

As you probably know, my favorite Superhero is Marvel's Spider-Man...

But, my close second is Haunt by Image Comics. This May, Image Comics is coming out with a new hero called the Tattered Man. This reminds me of a mix between Marvel's "Spirit of Vengeance" the Specter (who I think is pretty awesome) and the physical aspects of DC's Ragman (who is one of my favorite bad guys).

Also, this new being's origins stem from the WWII Nazi Concentration Camps as a way to fight against the Nazis. And I do like fighting Nazis. Now this spirit has re-appeared in New York, finding its Ghost Rider-like job of spreading vengeance unfinished.

The writers behind this comic (Jim Palmiotti and Justin Gray) have also worked on five years worth of comic books for Jonah Hex together and Palmiotti (among other things) has written Deadpool.

So... I'll definitely be sure to check out this new series.

Here's a link if you want to learn more:

Monday, April 4, 2011

Need a smooth groove for a rainy day?

Jack Johnson should be able to help. Check out his song Banana Pancakes!!!

If you liked that: Holes to Heaven is another good song he wrote.

New Spider-Man Game!!!

Remember Shattered Dimensions? The Spider-Man game that mixed 4 different Spider-Man to fix the universe? This new game involves the Amazing Spider-Man (Normal one) and the 2099 Spider-Man (from the future) they must work against time to save Peter Parker's life (as a mad scientist from 2099 has gone back in time and killed him). I wish they would have done a full Noir game or something (that one's my favorite) but this game should still be pretty SWEET.

Here's the trailer:

This has been part of the Spider-Man Series

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The next Tekken

It looks like the next Tekken will be the Tekken (Sony fighting game) characters will be versus all of the Street Fighter (Microsoft fighting game) characters. There'll be one version of the game in the Tekken 3D format and one in the Street Fighter 2D style. It'll be AWESOME!!!!!!

For more info Wiki it:

Here's my more up-to-date post on Street Fighter X Tekken: