Monday, July 16, 2012

Catwoman (Neutrality)

In comic books, there are typical "good guys" and "bad guys." Catwoman never seems to be one of those. Even though she is one of the main characters in many of Batman's story-lines, she is not pure or evil, black or white. She does not seem to care what the grand scheme of things may be. Instead of caring about the predicament's outcome she usually just looks out for herself only caring about what is good for her now.

In The Dark Knight Rises things may be different. Catwoman, in the trailer, warns Batman of the darkness coming. She finally chose her side: the Dark. But, as Bane gains control of the city she realizes how terrible the darkness really is. Even though she wants Bane to take power away from the corrupt and wealthy, she realizes that the cost is too high.

Towards the end of the trailer it looks like Catwoman has once again switched sides. After realizing her mistake and the horror that is Bane, she teams up with the Bat to fight the darkness. She joins the Light. But, still only for her own sake and not solely for the good of all. (And, hopefully she helps Batman win.)

We are not to be neutral like Catwoman always seems to be. We should not be half-heartedly in and half-heartedly out of the big picture like the lukewarm church in Laodicea. We must not choose the side that we deem fit no matter how evil it is. And we should not align ourselves with what is "good" just for our own benefit.

Instead of only caring for ourselves, we are to be selfless. In this selflessness, as Christ Jesus was ultimately selfless in His death and resurrection, we will not only be doing what is right for us but also what is "good" in the big picture. By forgetting our own little world of "me," we serve in the world of "we." We stop serving ourselves and start serving through love God and our neighbors. This is how God had intended us to be.

When we forget this and become like Catwoman in only caring for ourselves and forgetting about God and others (instead of the other way around) we need God to tie us up for a second. If we go too far into the darkness and see no way out, if we release sin and the Devil (like Bane and his deeds), God has a way of making us stop for a second and realize how far we've gone.

Like Catwoman asking Batman for help, we know we have to go back to the Source, the Lord of Hosts. He is the only one powerful enough to get us out of our mess. Even though we should have never been in this predicament in the first place, Christ, like Batman, is willing to go to any extreme in order to save us and everyone else that we have gotten in trouble.

Don't be selfish. Be selfless.

In doing this,
don't be neutral. Be good.

When you fail, be like Catwoman and go back to the Savior to ask for help.

This has been part of the Dark Knight Series

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