Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Inhumans (Royal Family)

"Can anyone tell me the secret
to the Inhumans' perseverance?

The answer is simpler than that:

Take the Royal Family.
Despite our physical differences,
We are all brothers and sisters.
Each with unique gifts.

Mine is to understand weakness.
And this I know, so long as the
Inhuman family bond remains,
we have no weakness."

The Inhumans might not be the most popular type of superhero, but there is so much that we can learn from them. The Royal Family (as pictured above) leads their race of mutants who are even stronger than the X-Men from the other (safe) side of the moon. It was from this race that Jolen's group came, but most of them are a lot more compassionate than he was.

To be an Inhuman is to be a part of a global family. As a child, you have no idea what the wonders in store for your life may be. It is not until your teens that you find out who you truly are. This race has been blessed/cursed by a chamber called Terrigen Mist which grants each one of them individual powers. These powers change the rest of your life. They enable you to participate in a given career and they might even change the way you appear.

I thought that now might be a good time to remind us of this unappreciated group. Now is the time that many of us go back to school or go off to find careers of our own. In a way, we have entered the Terrigen Mist Chamber (gaining a little more experience and knowledge of our own lives than we have had before) and are now looking for ways that we can best use what we have learned and who we are now.

But, as we do this, as we live out or vocations, we must not forget our real power.

The strength of the Inhumans is not found in their mutations. It is not just in their army or their leaders. The strength of the Inhumans lies in the fact that the whole race is a family. Although in just the Royal Family alone there is a fish-man, a guy who looks like a jumping bean, a hairy monster, a man who cannot speak (for fear of destroying everything around him), Medusa, and a giant dog (besides the hairy monster), they are still united as a family. Their individual appearances and abilities have no effect on their relationship to one another. If there is any effect at all it is in the completion of one another so that if one member of the family is unable to do something, another can help them out.

Although we might not be with our childhood families at the present time, more than not we know that they are still supporting us and loving us. Even more than that, we can know that we have family almost everywhere we go: The Church.

We are to love on another with a love just as strong as family, we are to care for each other as brothers and sisters in Christ. Where one of us may fail, we have each other to bring them back up and in order to help them succeed.

This in itself is a marvel, a wonderful and blessed thing. But, even more-marvelous is the love that God has for us, to send His one and only Son to die and rise for us. Jesus Christ came to Earth and redeemed us so that we can also be children of God. Our Christian family is blood thick. We should live as siblings with one God and Father in Heaven.

If we do this, live like this, and believe in this Gospel then, in God's strength, we too have no weakness.
Psalm 73:26

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