Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New Spider-Man Clip (Two Types of Savior)

Whether it be because of some sort of natural humility, the need to protect of their secret identity, or the want to cover their grotesque unshaven face, (I'm sure that all of you know that) many superheroes wear masks.

Spider-Man is one of those heroes:

(Sorry if this clip is a spoiler.
It's worth it.)

To reemphasize something that I stated last week:

"God is at work within us (Vocation!). We can see each other as we really are."
"We can witness that we are masks of God (as he works through us, both believer and non-believer)"

But, it doesn't end their. Even though Christ puts his mask on our face, allowing us to feel and appear strong, he is really still the one who is in action.

We, like the little boy, are found afraid and alone, spooked out of our minds at this being who seems to want to protect us and looks kind of human but, not really. This being, in a way, shows us his true self. Like when Spider-Man takes off his mask, God became man so that we could become able to trust and recognize him.

Now, even with this trust and new-found faith we struggle to push ourselves up. We know that there is no way that we could ever be strong enough to make it up to him. In the sense of vocation, God gives us his mask. We are able to see ourselves as powerful and strong while it is still merely God's work through us. With this powerful knowledge, we attempt to make our way up (like the child climbing out of the car).

BUT, STILL, THERE IS NO WAY. We cannot do this. Although it would be easy for Spider-Man to climb out of the vehicle and Christ to live a perfectly righteous life, we cannot.

We fall.

Spider-Man jumps off the side of the bridge onto the car, God becomes man and enters the world.

Spider-Man gives the kid his mask so that he knows that he can be safe, Christ reminds us that we are remade as sons of God in his image.

The kid still can't make it, we struggle.

Spider-Man shoots his web to make sure he can hold on to the child and pull him to safety out of the falling car. God releases the Holy Spirit to hold onto his child with faith in the Gospel (that Christ really came to save us) so that he can once again pull us to safety out of the falling world.

In the end, we are secure.
We have been brought back to our Savior's trustworthy embrace.

And we are ready to be brought to safety (to our Father and Heaven).

This has been part of the Spider-Man Series

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