Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Fallen Son Series

       In 2007, Captain America was assassinated. This shook the hearts and  lives of many superheroes. Even though this may have led to the end of the Marvel Civil War era, as the heroes realized that their lives weren't worth the cause, it was impossible for the men in tights to see the bright side of Cap's death; as characters like Peter Parker, James Howlett, and even Tony Stark mourned their loss.

          Today we celebrate Ash Wednesday. It is the beginning of Lent and the time that we most strongly remember what Christ did in order to save us. Jesus, starting with being temped in the desert and leading up all the way to death on the cross, sacrificed himself for us. He became God's fallen Son, taking upon himself all of our sin in order that we may be freed from it.

         Cap's death brought up a whole chain of mourning comics. Lent is our mourning period for Christ, the time we realize that what happened was a horrible price to pay. The ash placed on some of our heads is to help us remember what we have done. It was our sin that Christ bore.

          Just as Cap fell in the line of duty, Christ took our bullet in the spiritual war for us. Unbeknownst to Satan, God was even able to use this to his advantage. Instead of staying gone, losing to death, Jesus Christ defeated it. Captain America also came back eventually, just as most "dead" characters do. But, both his death and Christ's meant something. Cap died to end the Civil War while Christ died to win salvation. Cap came back alive to continue to fight the good fight beside us while Jesus came back to let us know that we won!! He became alive again in order that we too may live (Rm 5).

          At the same time as we mourn, we cannot forget that the Son of God succeeded!!! He redeemed us, making us worth something. His blood washes away our ash and our sin (Rev 7).

God's Peace,
Have a Thankful and Reflective Ash Wednesday!!!

          All of the same stages of mourning that the Fallen Son series covered are also laid bare in certain areas of the Bible (perhaps they will be follow up devos for Lent):


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