Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Green Will

"You are chosen..." 1 Peter 2:9

      Hal Jordan had never wanted the ring. In fact, he had never even heard of it or the Green Lantern Corps before Abin Sur crash-landed on Earth. In his dying breaths, the green ring (programed to choose the best organism in the sector to replace a deceased GL) passes from Abin's hand to Hal's. The ring had chosen him.

       Even though Hal couldn't understand what was going on. Beings from out of this world and beyond his comprehension had become active in his live. Even though Earthlings were looked down upon by the universe as weak and simple the ring chose one anyway. In a way the ring gave Hal purpose with it's calling, instead of being nothing to the universe he soon became something. Without Christ we too are worth nothing. But, we may rejoice because He redeemed us, through Him we are now worth something.

        In the same way that the ring chose Hal, a Christian is chosen as Christ's. Certainly we don't have the prerequisite of being able to "overcome great fear" (even though with God we can), but God chooses us for purposes even if we can't understand them. We have been called to step up to the plate and serve God, just as Hal grows in responsibility and serves the Corps.

      Many times it is hard. We may want to do immoral things, but God gives us the law as a curb. We know what we need to do and what we should do (love neighbors, worship God, follow his commandments), we just have to take up the responsibility to do it.

     The lanterns are powered by individuals with extremely powerful wills. Often times it seems to be God's will vs. our will. As God is good, perhaps his will is our will more often then we think. He leads us to green pastures to sit by still waters. He's a shepherd who knows how to care for his sheep (and actively does). Sometimes we feel like we've fallen off his path, like we're running away from his will. But, God can still use all things for good.

     This is one of my favorite verses: "Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it's the Lord's purpose that prevails." Proverbs 19:21


  1. I used this idea for a chapel (devotion) today at LHN and the kids seemed to like it and a few mentioned that they never thought about it in that way, which was kinda the point of doing it. Thank you for letting me use this!

    1. That's awesome!!! I'm glad you got to put this devo to use. I think someone else shared this one with their class at school too. We plan on doing more devotions on the comic book movies after Lent (they seem to be the easiest for most people to relate to and they usually have good clips)!!!