Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Godkiller

Iron Man: The Godkiller kicked off a three-part series earlier this year. While the other Avengers and the X-Men were dealing with other repercussions of what had happened during A v X with the Phoenix Force, Tony heads to deep space.

He searches for answers.

He searches for questions.

He searches for power.

He searches for resources.

Most of all, he searches.

With the revelation that there is something as powerful as the Phoenix Force out there, Tony needs to be prepared for whatever else might come. He needs to be informed. He must be ready.

"But is Iron Man truly ready for the final frontier?"

At the Citadel of Rapture, he meets up with a woman. As he leaves her chambers, his past comes back to haunt him.

He is unexpectedly arrested and meets another woman,  who explains why:

The Void Falcon is gone.
You are responsible.
You are guilty of deicide.

He retorts:

I have no idea what you're talking about.
If I murdered your god, I'm pretty damn sure I'd remember.

She goes on:

... Most would call it, the Phoenix.
It is gone.

Many days, we feel as if we stand in that second woman's shoes.

We want to say:

God is dead.
And, you killed him.

But, that's a lie.

If anything, we killed him. We might want to point to scientific theories (such as evolution, mirroring the fact that Stark is often used as a figurehead of science) or we might want to stick our finger out at the person next to us, we want to shove off the blame, we want to throw our neighbor under the buss. Still, we are to blame.

There is no one else to take the blame. There is no one to relieve us of our guilt. There is nothing that we can to to wash our hands of His blood.

But, that brings us back to the reason He died in the first place.

He was our scapegoat. We deserved the blame, the guilt, the Death... damnation. But, He chose to save us. He washes His own blood off of our fingertips. He bears our guilt. He removes our blame. He makes us as white as snow.

He does what we could never imagine doing for ourselves.

Still, we fear:

He is dead.

But, that's a lie.

He has risen.

Still, we fear:

He is not here.

But, that's a lie.

Although he has ascended and He sits at the right hand of the Father, we do not need to search for Him. We may want to navigate the stars, beginning a quest of our own... searching for God. But, we don't need to. He has revealed Himself to us.

He has shown His face through Christ. And, He has sent another... The Spirit.

The Spirit comforts us when we're at a loss for words. He guides us back to Christ's Word. He leads us to become faithful, fear-filled, and loving followers of God. And, He reminds us that although God may seem far away, He might seem dead, He remains alive and active.

He is here.

The heavens and earth declare it.

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