Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Beast Within (The Lizard)

The Lizard:

Smart. Cunning. Out-Of-Control.

He will be in the Spider-Man movie July 3, 2012.

"The Lizard" wasn't always a villain. He was once Dr. Curt Connors. He helped to stitch up GI's and amputees. As his medical expertise broadened, he became obsessed with the idea of regeneration. Connors knew the lizard to be one of the only animals able to consistently regenerate its lost limbs. This led him to use the lizard's blood in order to create a serum meant to pass on the regenerative trait to human-beings. His formula was too dangerous to test in a lab.

He tested on himself.

What he had intended for good became ill.

As his symptoms worsened, Connors became more lizard than man. The cold-blooded DNA filled his bloodstream. It changed his skin to scales. It made his eyes red. And it gave him a truly dichotomistic mind.

Through many intense story-lines Connors became even worse. He lost all hope of regaining the well-intentioned man he once was. After one of his most recent appearances in a mini-series called SHED. The primal part of his brain which had been infected by the lizard DNA rose up to challenge his humanity. His mind began to think like a beast, and craved only animalistic things.

At the end of the day, Connors only managed to hurt those who attempted to help him.

He kill the few he truly loved.

Then, he ran away, scared, into the sewers, alone.

I must warn you not to do this.

Temptation is strong. Sin is poison. It only takes a bite to get started.

What Connors had wanted to do was pure of intent, but became his biggest nightmare. Our sin is like that. What might have appeared as small and innocent like a white lie turns into a horribly disgusting mess.

The Doctor took a few injections and tested a few times to he become a beast. Although sin is ever-present and always a "delight to the eyes," it is also always damnable. The one small step that is taken leads to an even greater leap to the gates of Hell. Like Connors, after taking a test or biting the fruit, we become something worse than we ever could have dreamed. Even though our skin might not become scales or our teeth rigid, our souls change. Once we give in to things like gossip, jealousy, deception, or hate (or whatever other sins you may think of), it is almost impossible to stop. We become entirely different, succumbing to the sin instead of finding a real cure to the disease. The cure is Christ.

Luther said in the explanation of the First Commandment, everyone has a god. Because, a god is what or whom you set your heart and trust upon. This can be money. It can be sex. It may be romance, penance, or independence. Whatever you trust the most, whatever your faith is in, is your god.

Here, we are blessed. Although we fall and we take the poison, idolizing other things and continuously making them our gods, God forgives us. More than that, he redeems us. Even though we have already become beasts in our own way, scaled and covered in our own ugly and soul-corrupting sins he sees us as he had originally meant us to be: Perfect.

We did things to ourselves, we've done things for ourselves, and we continue to harm ourselves in ways that God has directly commanded us not to. We are worthless animalistic beings feeding off of the ways of the world instead of the ways of God. But, because God is loving and merciful he sent his Son who died for us. His Son took upon himself to face the corrupt beast that we had become. He beat it. Because Jesus Christ has done this and the Holy Spirit has given us faith, we are now given worth. We are known to God as his flawless Son.

It is easy to fall away, one small step at a time, but it is not worth becoming an unrecognizable animal. Remember that God will always take you back. And pray for those who, like the Lizard, continue to run away, scared, into the darkness. I charge you to let the Holy Spirit work through you to "open their eyes, so that they may turn from darkness [monsters] to [the man] light and from the power of Satan to God, that they may [also] receive forgiveness of sins [from Christ who is the cure]."

This has been part of the Spider-Man Series

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