Monday, July 2, 2012

Gwen Stacy (The Perfect Bride)

Gwen Stacy was Peter Parker's first true love.

Stan Lee created "sweet and lovable." She was the perfect girlfriend, one that Pete knew he should never have deserved to go out with. But, the one he still loved and was glad she was in love with him too.

She is played by Emma Stone, the leading lady in The Amazing Spider-Man movie (being released at midnight, 7/3/12).

In a way, Gwen is the Church with Christ as the groom. Not only would he insist that she be at the wedding banquet with him, she would be the apple of his eye. He loved her and continues to love her. Not only does he love every portion of her as shared in the wasfs of the Song of Songs, he loves her very soul and being. There is no one else that he would rather be with.

Yet, instead of Christ being the one never feeling up to par with the Church, the Church should know that she can never make herself like Christ. But, in his love, Christ overlooks this and makes her just as beautiful as he is.

This is a beautiful picture: Christ and his Bride. Sanctified. Perfect. Holy.

But, there is more we need to know.

Before we get to Revelation, we need to remember the rest of the story. The rest of the truth.

Satan bit the heel of Christ. He corrupted the Church, His beloved wife.

Just as the Green Goblin hung Gwen off of a bridge, swaying her back and forth captive, we have been caught up by the Devil and it is beyond our own power to do anything about it. We need a savior from the temptations that we get ourselves into.

This may be a spoiler, but Gwen dies. She falls. The Green Goblin drops her and kills her. She is one of the only comic book characters to ever permanently remain dead. This is what Satan wants for us.

Spider-Man was only a man. There was no way for him to save Gwen in time. Just as he continually fails to find the perfect cure for the Lizard, he has failed to save the one true love of his life. Just as Spider-Man failed, we fail. We are only human.

As the fallen bride of Christ, we need more than a human to save us.

We need the Christ, Jesus. He is man. But, he is also God. He is the one being who could ever succeed while we continue to fail. Through his power alone not only does he catch us from the trap that the Devil has drawn us into he brings us back from the fall even better than we were before.

This has been part of the Spider-Man Series

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