Friday, October 12, 2012

From the Dust: Conversations in Creation

"Now then, in my opinion, one must first distinguish the following. What is it that always is and has no becoming; and what is it that comes to be and never is?" p 308, 28 Timaeus.

"The question of where we come from is a mystery man has explored throughout human history. As Charles Darwin composed his theory of natural selection, he defined for the modern generation a suitable, if altogether scientific answer for the origin of man. Yet, there is one segment of society that has been consistently uncomfortable with its revelations—the community of faith.

Does the Bible provide a narrative of mankind's material origin? What is the real source of the controversy surrounding evolution vs. creation?

In From the Dust, a feature-length documentary film from Highway Media and The BioLogos Forum, renowned theologians, educators, and scientists reexamine this perennial debate, and infuse it with fresh theories, new theological insights, and an open desire for truth and dialogue."

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