Monday, October 8, 2012

We're Sunk. (Outdoor Leadership)


Abandonment. Is it good or bad? Or both?

Abandonment can be good or bad. It can be courageous or despicable. It can be right or wrong. Abandonment is a bad thing if we abandon someone in his or her time of need, or if we abandon a project before completing it. Yet on the other hand abandonment is a good thing if for example we abandon an unethical lifestyle or wash our hands of an addiction.

How are Abandonment & the Abundant Life Connected?

When you abandon something you completely give up on it. In nautical terms, a sailor cries, “abandon ship” when all hope is lost. The ship is going down, and it’s time to swim for your life. Because of sin and pride, each of our lives are like a sinking ship. There is no hope in trying to plug the holes any longer. The ship is lost. Only when we realize that our only chance for survival is to abandon ship, do we make the plunge.

When I was in high school, I was a sinking ship. I was trying to fit in, be cool, stand out, and would do just about anything to be well-liked. Yet, at every turn, a new hole sprung open in the hull. I couldn’t keep up with the water coming on board through the “holes” in my heart. So when I finally heard the Good News of Jesus Christ’s love and sacrifice for me I was more than ready to abandon my wrecked ship for the lifeboat of a Savior. My situation seemed hopeless, and God threw me a rope through a caring friend who shared the Gospel with me.

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