Saturday, July 2, 2011

Asgard Vs. Galactus

The Mighty Thor #3 Kicks off with a message from the Silver Surfer to Thor and Odin telling them to hand over the Seed of the universe so that he may eternally feed Galactus. Odin says that the Silver Surfer does not know the true potential of what he is asking. The Silver Surfer leaves.

Odin then tells Thor that Galactus really merely fears the beginning of a new universe (whence everything shall die and be reborn, creating a new everything, even a new World-Eater through the Seed). In the end all of the best Asgardians go off to bring the fight to Galactus (the only known group to be brave enough to stand up to him) in new combat armor as Volstagg plans to fight a small town on Earth for not allowing him to cook pancakes in their diner. The Mighty Thor #4 should prove to be a true tale worth telling.

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