Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fear Itself

This year Marvel is coming out with "Fear Itself" where the Marvel Universe puts its top-notch heroes against their greatest fears. Behind the scenes: they really wanted to do a big story with Captain America and Thor (partially because their movies are coming out).

All that I've heard so far is that the Red Skull (Cap's biggest enemy's daughter) meets up with a new Norse god who claims to be better than Odin and that Odin really isn't the all-powerful god he says he is. This new god performs some sort of horrific miracle that makes everyone question all they have ever believed in (Tony Stark questions all the science he's ever known). Can Cap and Thor defeat these two new enemies? Will Asgard stand or fall apart? The Fantastic Four (Now including Spidey instead of the currently deceased Human Torch) and the Mutants are also supposed to be playing a really big role in this.

And... we can't forget about Deadpool. There is a new hammer or possibly Thor's hammer is just given away to various characters in "If they be Worthy." It looks like Deadpool has a grasp on it in a story written by Chris Hastings who also writes for the extremely comedic http://drmcninja.com/ online comic books.

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