Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fear Itself: Venom

The new Venom series is out with the veteran Flash Thompson using the symbiote Venom as a tool in the military. I haven't picked up my copy yet, but my provider's holding a copy for me. This series should be pretty interesting, especially with the new "Fear Itself" run.

The Symbiote itself fears the lack of a host (needing someone's emotions to feed off of to survive). It feeds into the spots of Flash's attitude that were addicted to alcohol, making him become addicted to the Venom (as the last host, Mac Gargan, was) and the strength that the alien can give him.

It looks like Flash will become afraid of his addiction to the Symbiote (without it he doesn't even have the legs to walk). He is also afraid of turning into a man like his father. But, mostly he is afraid of letting those he loves down one more time. He highly regards all of his friends and wanting to be "the man" a hero like Spider-Man and a warrior as a veteran. Without a meaning like this in his life he fears becoming a lost and lonely alcoholic again.

(If you like this Venom/Spy story line... also check out Haunt by Image comics)

Here's another cool cover from Venom 5:

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