Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ragman Untold

With all of this excitement about the Tattered Man and the Blackest Night I feel like I'm neglecting something else really big. DC is coming out with a series (Untold) based on what was going on in the meantime, away from the main story-arching fight. This would include many stories including one about Ragman and one with Scarecrow wielding the Sinestro ring!!!!! (Something I've been waiting for since this whole series made it to planet Earth.)

Possibly spinning off from this, Ragman is going to have his own series which seems a lot like the Tattered Man only less gory and done by DC... BUT... Ragman is trying to come to terms with the souls he has trapped within his rags (a kin to the Suit of Souls wielded by Azrael who is another of my favorite "heroes").

For more info... check out this link:

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