Friday, April 15, 2011


Innerpartysytem is an electronica/industrial rock band that I've just heard for the first time on the way back from work tonight.

American Trash was the song that was on:

This band draws you in with the club-like atmosphere and attempts to release your mind to the sound. It works. The scary part, though, is the fact that most of the lyrics are something I don't agree with. This song in particularly is basically saying that all you have and all you are will end up in the junk yard some day. Your body is just a body, implying there is no soul. This is all there is, so we should live now. This sad and wrong, paying attention to the music video, the song becomes a lament instead of a beat. I wish they knew the truth, that your soul continues to live on forever. You may be American, but you are not trash. God wouldn't have it that way.

Over all, I think I'll add them to my playlist, listen to them once in a while. But, always know that their lyrics are from a damned perspective, something I should empathize with but never conform to.

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