Monday, April 25, 2011

Chuck vs. the Rerun

 Bad news, Chuck fans, today's Chuck appears to be a rerun =( . I usually wouldn't have noticed until the Tuesday of the week, but fortunately/unfortunately I have the night off and could have enjoyed watching Chuck as it premiered. Alas, I was at a loss when I saw Chuck and Sarah once again spending the week together in a train compartment. So, instead of rewatching, instead of complaining, instead of voicing my concern, I decided to look at the (official) Chuck page on There, I had found a link, not only to everything Chuck, but to a section of the Chuck store that I could have only drempt of.

They have Jeffster shirts, Jeffster shot glasses, Jeffster Posters, Jeffster guitar picks... IT IS AWESOME... But, alas I could not buy this poster which my heart so desires for lack of expendable expenses from my Easter trip. Maybe I'll remember for next week. Anyway, until then, here's the link to the Jeffster shop:

Oh, and a picture of Yvonne Strahovski aka Sarah Walker.

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