Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dhalsim and Sagat (Street Fighter X Tekken)

Tuesday, Street Fighter X Tekken was released. So far, it's a lot better than I had predicted. Even though it has the Street Fighter graphics and fighting style (which I don't particularly like), it's still pretty awesome to be able to play as both Street Fighter and Tekken fighters in a tag-team sort of way (there are 5 more people on the PS3 version then on the 360 version [including Cole from Infamous]). My favorite combo, so far,is either Hwoarang and Vega or Dhalsim and someone else. You can even go couch-coop in both vs. and arcade mode (either fighting each other or two people actually tagging each other in and out). It rocks!!

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Tekken X Street Fighter (which as of this post has no official release date) is sure to be even better as it will have a lot of the same characters only in the Tekken graphics and gaming style.


This one, of about five awesome trailers, reveals some of the main conflict in the arcade mode. If your first player is a Tekken player then the second to last arena is fought against the team of M. Bison and Juri (magically charged). If your first player is from Street Fighter then you will be matched against Jin and Xiaoyu (powered by the devil gene).

I beat the game first with Hwoarang and Vega. This unlocked a Hwoarang title and his (written) end-story summary. I then beat the game with who I see as the main characters of Tekken and Street Fighter: Jin and Ryu. This unlocked the Jin title and his (written) end-story summary.

The third time, I got smart. I realized that the teams that I had been facing had continuously been paired with the same characters. Kuma was with Heihachi, Law was with Paul, Dhalsim was with Sagat...

So, I decided to fight through arcade with Dhalsim and Sagat. This unlocked more cinematics at the beginning and the end of the arcade mode. There was also new dialogue as the characters progressed their way up the story line. It turns out that each fighter had entered the arcade mode in order to reach Pandora's box (which had crash-landed in Antarctica). Hwoarang wanted to use the box's power to become stronger. Jin wanted to use the box's power to relieve himself of the Devil Gene. This is what the team of Dhalsim and Sagat ended up doing:

They had started their mission, not for their own power, but to save the children which had been captured from their villages. They chose not to use the power of the box as it had never been their true goal. They walked away.

This is what Christ did for us. We were God's lost children, Jesus came to save us. Due to our sin, he had to fight his way through trials and temptations. He battled against pharisees and demon-possessed men. He made the journey all the way to one of the most desolate places (the cross). He died and rose so that we too may die and be risen again with him, beating sin, death, and the devil. Yet, even at the end, like Sagat, Christ chose against glory. Instead of letting himself be known as a mighty earthly king (which he could have easily done), Jesus walked away (carrying his cross). Much like Sagat who says that a king has no need for the power of the gods, Jesus may have retorted that God has no need for the power of man (earthly glory).

Later, in Dhalsim's (written) end-story summary, he reflects on the box's power. He knows that he could have taken it, but believes he made the right choice. Too much power corrupts, it would even corrupt a man as moral as Dhalsim. He also knew that it was better for him to rely on his own power to protect his village than some mystical box working through him. In this same way, we too can live out our vocations. God can work through us no matter where we have been called. In anything from a brother to a sister, a grocer to a president, and a hippie to a soldier, God can choose to work through us to serve our neighbor and tend to the sick and corrupt world. It is not as if we need to go and search for a magical box to give us even more power (unless that has been what we were truly individually called to do [much-like the other Street Fighter and Tekken characters]), because God can use us right here, right now, even in our daily lives to encourage one another and remind each other of Him.

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