Sunday, May 5, 2013

Dr. Craig's May Update

Dear friends...

I flew out to Bellingham, Washington, to speak at Western Washington University. Although people kept telling me how secular the university and local community are, I must say that I found not only an energetic Christian student movement there, but also activist Christian faculty, including some of the faculty in the Philosophy Department, which was really an encouraging sign!

I first spoke to a lunchtime meeting of Christian faculty on “On Being a Christian Academic.” Then that night I gave a public talk on “Can We Be Good without God?” We had a good crowd of several hundred students, many of whom were unbelievers, as the Q&A session following my talk made clear. The next evening I spoke again to several hundred students on “Is Belief in God Reasonable?” and once again had lots of unbelievers show up to try to challenge me during the question time... We hope to have the entertaining videos of these events up soon on YouTube.

Now that I’m no longer traveling, I’m working feverishly to complete my lectures for our Reasonable Faith “Roots of Christian Civilization” cruise around the Mediterranean at the end of this month. We have over 120 people signed up, many of them veterans from our trip to Israel two years ago. We’re praying that we will have a great time learning together about ancient sites mentioned in the New Testament like Athens, Ephesus, and Rome.

Meanwhile, Kevin Harris will be in town this month to record more Reasonable Faith podcasts. With Dawkins’ new film “Unbelievers” coming out, we should have lots to talk about!

Our series of booklets “What Is God Like?” continues to be a big hit with children. Parents write to us, telling stories of their children’s reactions to the booklets. One three-year started crying when his Dad wouldn’t read him “God Is All-Powerful” for the second time before going to bed!

Another child, after hearing this story, told his Mom the next day, “God can’t make a square circle because then it wouldn’t be a circle!” (This little tyke gets the paradoxes of omnipotence!)

Another father told us that his copy of one of the booklets had some printing problems, but he didn’t want to return it for a new copy because his son loves it so much he couldn’t bear to part with it even temporarily! Isn’t that wonderful? The newest booklet “God Is All-Good” has just been released, and the text for “God Is All-Loving” is currently being set. Marli has completed the drawings for the final booklet “The Greatness of God,” and they are so precious and endearing! We are so pleased with this series!

At the same time, I’m finishing my final response to my collaborators in Paul Gould’s forthcoming book God and Abstract Objects. This project has really been fun, and I think the book will stimulate further informed discussion of this important issue.

Lots of other projects are going on behind the scenes at Reasonable Faith, which I’ll share with you as they see the light of day!

For Christ and His Kingdom, 

Bill & Jan

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