Monday, May 13, 2013

Christian Graduation Gifts

It's graduation time again!!!

If you're like me, you never know if or when or what to get anybody. Especially, when it's time for graduation. I mean, what can someone going off to college and the rest of their life really need?? .... It has to be vague enough that they can actually use it no matter what they do. But, personal enough to let them know that I really care and want the best for them.

Wouldn't it be great if it could also spiritually nurture them?

My solution, at least this year, is Loving God with all Your Mind by Gene Edward Veith.

His book describes how a Christian can still survive in this secular world. Actually, it goes a little farther than that. His book describes how a Christian can still thrive in this secular world.

Not only can a Christian learn things that aren't stereo-typically Christ-centered like science, art, or mechanics, in fact even these studies are part of their God-given and God-pleasing vocation. Veith discusses Modernism and Post Modernism, he tackles the problem of how to learn facts (such as biology) without getting mixed up with false theories (such as evolution). By doing so, the Christian not only learns, he or she is able to master the subject better than their unfaithful peers because they don't have as limiting of a philosophy.

I believe that all Christian High Schoolers and/or College Students should read this book.

I know that it really helped me to see a reason behind learning what I had to.

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A Bible would also be a great idea!!!

A pocket-size E.S.V. or N.I.V. would probably be the best. (I still use mine from High School.)

The N.I.V.'s a little easier to read. While, the E.S.V. isn't as difficult to read as some translations (such as the A.S.V). But, because it is so close to the original text there are some sections that might be a little rough.


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Study Bibles are also great!!!

The Lutheran Study Bible (E.S.V.) has great descriptions and outlines for each book at the beginning of the first chapter (with pictures!!!!). It has great feedback to answer basic questions while reading along. And, there are paragraphs set up in the footnotes if you want to go through the book as a daily devotional.

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The N.I.V. L.S.B.'s pretty good as well:

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And, there's even an Apologeticist Bible out there:

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There are also more colorful versions on sale out there. But, they tend to be pretty watered down and may confuse the reader when they come across a more-accurate version.

Or, if they're into T-Shirts:

Save The Storks has some pretty cool ones.

And, so does the American Chesterton Society!!!

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