Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Pastoral Blessing

Often times my dreams slip away from me like a morning dew drying before I wake. But, last night I had two dreams just as I got up. They still reside freshly within my memory.

In the first dream, I had been sitting in an old wooden pew with my family. During the church service, I was called up to the front of the Sanctuary. As I headed up there, I realized that I hadn't been the only one called. About twenty others surrounded me:  young ministers, laymen, and Christian school teachers. Half of us were dressed in black albs while the other half (myself included) wore white. It had been kind of confusing at first while we all tried to find a place near the front of the church. None of us had ever done this sort of thing before. Eventually, we all found a place to kneel before a wooden communion rail. A man, who looked like my father, stood before us in a robe of black and gave this pastoral blessing:

"Take out your eyes,
hold them in your hands,
they have been purified
by the blood of Christ.

Your mouth and your lips
have been made to proclaim the Gospel.

The Holy Spirit is upon you.
Christ is upon you.
God is upon you.

The breath of life
does not flow from you,
but into you.
The blood of Christ
does not flow from you,
but into you.
The fire of the Holy Spirit
does not flow from you,
but into you.

Your hearts have become alive
through the love of Christ.
Your mind is renewed
by the mysteries of God.

He is your strength,
He is your song.

Let the faith and the hope
in Him transform you.
Be His disciple.

Follow Him,
He shall be your guide.

Go forth and teach.
Go forth and love.
Go forth and live 
in the name of
Jesus Christ,
our Lord,
and as a servant
of God.

In the second dream, I had been camping or at a park somewhere. As I walked down the gravel road towards the entrance of the place, I met a boy. He wasn't sure where his parents were. He was lost, but he wasn't worried or afraid. I told him it was ok, we could just hang out for a while. We ended up helping out a family in need together. But, the point of this dream was that the world is this boy. Many children of God have forgotten who their father is. They have seemed to lost him. They aren't worried or concerned. But, we still need to help them. We must be there for them. We must care for them. In doing this, we will be able to help many people and eventually lead them back to their true Father who is in Heaven.

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