Thursday, May 24, 2012

Super-powered Philosophies

The world is run by philosophy.
Different ideas scatter around, leading people to believe one thing over the other.

Comic books have been influential in spreading different philosophies. They have created story lines to combat drug use, abuse, needless violence, and many other topics. Through the understanding of the story and its morals, the reader (possibly inadvertently) learns what to do or what not to do (moral philosophy). With Comic books, along with any other media material (newspaper, TV, internet...) the reader needs to be able to pick out the underlying theme to recognize whether or not they truly agree with the message.

I am grateful that Comic books are typically a lot more straight-forward with their viewpoints (contrasted to the hidden bias behind other media). Even though they do push these ideas through their story-lines, they do so boisterously. If someone's dealing drugs they get beat up by the good guy, message: "Drugs are bad." If someone's abusing their wife they get punished by the hero, message: "Abuse is bad."

Recently though, it has been announced that DC is going to make one of its main characters "gay:"

"Predictably, this answer caused quite a stir, with many across the internet trying to figure out which of DC's many, many characters would be coming out of the closet. A statement from DC's Senior VP of Publicity Courtney Simmons narrowed it down, when she confirmed to ABC Burbank that one of DC's 'major iconic' characters will 'reveal that he is gay in a storyline in June.' So we know that the hero in question is male, and that he is considered an 'iconic' level character.

That slims the field down considerably. The only male DC superheroes I can think of who would be considered 'iconic' are Batman, Superman, Flash, Green Lantern, and maybe Aquaman. Any one of these coming out of the closet would be a huge deal, as he would easily be the most high-profile gay hero in the comics business."

Sadly, my money would be on the Flash for the one to turn. He is the only one without a steady female influence on his life (relationship-wise). If it's not the Flash, it could be Aquaman, but they really shouldn't do that because he is the KING of the deep and in one story-line sacrificed his own arm in order to save his (biological) son. If it wasn't definitely a male, I would say that it may be Wonder Woman because they had already alluding to drastically changing her character. She was raised on an island with only woman and has never really had a decent relationship. But, if the character is really a guy it will probably be Flash.

This should not happen.

Yes, I know I'm bias.

Both Marvel and DC have usually strayed away from any sort of religion. Marvel is consistently inclusive of various faiths while DC tends to just avoid the subject. So, would not have had an affect on their judgment.

But, they both have never (as far as I am aware) supported such a harmful philosophy before. Marvel has a gay marriage coming up and DC is letting someone come out of the closet.

Homosexuality doesn't make sense. We weren't "born this way." In fact, we were obviously born to do contrarily to the homosexual belief. It would seem obvious (especially in a Darwinian view) that one man and one female make one baby for the race to continue. Even if it weren't a direct command from God to avoid this sort of sexual immorality (1 Corinthians 6:9), it goes against the Categorical imperative which states that one should not do something if it would not be beneficial to the world if everyone else also did it. If no one did drugs, that would be great! If no one abused anyone else, perfect!! But, if everyone stole then we would all be getting stolen from!!! And, if everyone was gay, then there would be no children and no future!!! Perhaps, homosexuality is truly just another way to trim down our species so that the world may continue to survive.

The worst part of this whole mess is that I'm pretty sure that this new genre of comic book characters will not draw in more homosexual readers as (most-likely) predicted. Gays will either read the books or not, based on their own judgment and interest in superheroes (not because of this new fad). In reality, more kids who already read the books will become gender confused or at least tolerant of the bad philosophy. The tolerance of homosexuality may be helpful for them in the direction that this country is going, but that should not be the way that we determine our morals. Morality should stand a part from and ahead of the government, not written by it.

Unlike the good of providing a release for violence or encouraging a child to wear his hearing aid, spreading the thought of homosexuality through comic books is unwarranted. But, it does portray how messed up life really is.


  1. This being said, homosexuality is still just another sin and should be treated as any other sin (from killing to gossiping), another mark on Christ's back and reason for His death.

  2. I'm tried of these story lines changing to fit less than 1% of the world's population. I quit reading Detective Comics for a year when Bruce Wayne aka batman died and was replaced with the lesbian Batwoman. Makes me wonder why only heros are homosexual and not evil doers.