Thursday, September 27, 2012

Prayer Events

24 Hours of Prayer: Messiah Prayer Vigil

Here are some prayer events going on at or around my fieldwork church, Messiah in St. Charles County.

"According to one article I read, more than three million students gathered on school grounds around the world yesterday for "See You at the Pole 2012," the annual global day of student prayer. A Messiah high school student led the prayer at one of our local high schools!

Prayer is powerful. What a gift that we can communicate with our God and know that He hears our prayer. Last Sunday, Pastor Schult reminded us how important it is to be in the Lord’s house where God dwells and how important it is to begin everything we do in prayer. You can view the sermon online.

There is so much happening these days at Messiah Lutheran Church. A capital campaign, a 4-week trial of new worship times in October, more than 50 different ministries, Bible Studies every day of the week, people in need of love, care, and grace, the list goes on. When you think about it, it can quickly become overwhelming. That is precisely why we are having a focused time of prayer on October 6-7. A 24 hour prayer vigil, where our Messiah family can unite together in the Lord’s House in prayer.

If you are unsure what to expect, please read some frequently-asked questions about the Prayer Vigil on The Messiah Blog. You will not need to pray out loud or pray with anyone else. This is meant to be a special time for you to sit in quiet in the midst of the sanctuary and spend 30 minutes in prayer.

Please check the online sign-up sheet and enter your name for a time that you can participate. You can also sign up this Sunday morning. Please email questions toJohn Koncki or Jan Koncki."

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