Friday, September 7, 2012

A Different Kind of Campaign

I haven't talked about Kony 2012 in a while,
and I certainly won't bore your ears off here.
But, there is one thing their cause got right:

We're in this together.

It doesn't matter if you're a Republican or Democrat, fat or thin, black or white, male or female. It doesn't matter if you're an athlete or a handicap, a twelve-year-old or a seventy-year old, federalist or statesman. The truth of the matter is: We're all in trouble.

This is a time to clear our minds and start thinking straight. We need to see America's problems for what they are: a mess. And, we need to rationally figure out how to fix them.

Yet, when I turn on the TV or hear about the government it just sounds like one big cock-fight. At a time that our country needs to stand united, we have chosen to divide ourselves into groups and parties who spit out more hot-air than really addressing any problem. Republicans stand with Romney, Democrats back Obama, and everyone else just becomes confused and angry.

Did you hear all the stuff Romney said about the president of the United States?!? His president!! What about the things Obama said about one of the citizens of the US?!? One of his citizens!!!

We need to hear both sides instead of arguing past each other. We need peacemakers.

I really don't understand how we can vote for either side after witnessing the way they treat each other. Is it all just a game? Where is our honor? Our sportsmanship? Why would we want someone to lead us who, instead of trying to reach out to their opponent to build a bridge or come to an agreement, continually lashes out at the horrors and evils of their lifestyle or campaign (much of which their opponent has never had a direct influence on anyway). What will this do to our foreign relations? Will the man elected be so used to being stubborn and set against others that he cannot see them eye-to-eye?

I'm not speaking out against either party, but because of both parties. They are responsible for how they act and how they act is uncivil at best. Do we really need more drama? Do we need a party to warp facts out of proportion? No. We need the pure and simple truth. We need the raw facts. And, we need to be united when we make our decision.

To get us out of this mess we need leaders unwilling to talk smack and beat down their opponents. We need someone who can remain strong and secure in their view and still able to openly address the other side. We need someone with character and integrity. We need someone focused on what they will do and what they need to accomplish instead of merely repeating what the other guy has done wrong. We need someone who can be real while at the same time is caring.

Until that day comes, I struggle with who to vote for. I stick with those who I see messing up the least and I pray for the best. But, if something doesn't change (soon) it might not be worth voting at all.

I hope that whomever the president is will do his best to fulfill his office, to love and care for the American people, putting their lives above even his. But, I struggle with believing that our chosen candidates are ready for that.

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