Friday, April 19, 2013

Upcoming Christian Philosophy Meeting in Europe

Dear fellow Christian philosophers and apologists,

Do you know any European evangelical philosophers? We need your immediate help in connecting them to a new network for European evangelical Philosophers that will be hosted at the 2013 European Leadership Forum. The Forum conference will be held 25-30 May in Wisla, Poland. A number of philosophers from the Evangelical Philosophical Society have lent their support to this endeavor, including William Lane Craig, R. Scott Smith, Doug Groothuis, and Bruce Little.

Keep in mind these important points:

1. This Network is European in its vision and content. It is being spearheaded by the European Leadership Forum, and it is not an American outpost.

2. This year—indeed, this month—is crucial for ensuring the continued success of this Network, now in its second year. So, we need your prompt assistance in getting the word out to your European evangelical friends/contacts who have a philosophy degree (masters or doctorate) or are at least in the second year of an undergraduate philosophy program.

. 3. In addition to the focus on philosophy, this Network will address apologetics, as well. What is crucial is that we have as many European evangelical philosophers and apologists as possible attending the May 2013 meeting.

4. Current philosophy students will automatically receive a scholarship covering part of the conference fees.

Friday 26th of April is the deadline for registration without late penalty. I'm including a link to the announcement, which contains the application and conference details. Please pass this, as well as the information sheet PDF of the 2013 Philosophers Network speaking program, on to your European philosopher and apologetics friends. All questions should be directed to Kevin Saylor at

Thank you for your help in this important kingdom endeavor.

All best wishes,

Angus Menuge
EPS President

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