Wednesday, April 3, 2013

"Flocking" (Fundraiser)

It's about that time a year again. Hopefully, your church has already been able to fund-raise for all of the activities going on this summer. But, if you're still looking for that last-ditch effort, like I know that you are, this might help:


A flock of Pink Flamingos and Garden Gnomes escaped from Florida and are on their way to San Antonio for the National Youth Gathering. But…they got lost and found their way to [your hometown] instead. (It must be all those silly jug handles on the highway…) You might just find a flock of them in your yard one day! But have no fear, our high school youth are highly trained professionals that will gladly assist in their removal.

Here are some fun things to expect with the flamingos:

We can “Flock” a friend by buying a Work Order – the Flamingos and Gnomes stay the night at your friend’s house;

And if the flock appears in your yard, for a removal donation you can suggest a place for the flock to go next!

But…what happens if they do appear in my yard?! Can I avoid having them at my house?!

Don’t worry, we know that the economy is tough right now so the flock will only be there for 24 hours before the youth come to take them away – but for a removal donation, you can suggest where the awkward pink birds go next!

And if you really don’t want the birds there…you can buy insurance!

All of this information along with suggested donations is available on the front of this flyer, in the Narthex and on our church website.

Would you consider “Flocking” a friend to help our youth get to the National Youth Gathering this summer?

Spaceis limited! Sign up today through April 7th.

Flockingbegins April 1st and goes through April 13th.

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*** If you don't have any flamingos or gnomes available, you can really use anything!!! (From forks to toilet paper to, well, anything... just as long as you're not too dismayed at having to also clean it up.)

*** Warning: These fundraisers also serve as great pre-event bonding experiences. I have heard that they're a lot of fun. And, typically turn out to be a great time. If you would like even more information or insights, just comment below or contact me, and I'll hook you up.

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