Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Malaria Initiative (Cause)

Lutheran Malaria Initiative

Malaria is completely preventable and treatable. But, it still kills nearly 1 million people per year.

One child dies every single minute.

What can we do??

We can help give these people a first chance:

How can I help...

            for FREE???
  • First: Pray
    • Pray without ceasing.
    • Whenever you remember this initiative, take a second to bring it up to the Lord.
    • Then, (in the midst of your praying) join everyone else and lead/say a prayer on 4/25.

  • Third: Spread the word
    • Tell your family, tell your friends, tell your church and coworkers.
    • Call, Txt, and Facebook whoever you think would be interested.
    • If you want to be really impressive, you can change your whole Facebook profile.

Want to add impact??
  • 100% of your donation goes right to the people who need it most.
    • $1 gets a child medicine.
    • $10 provides a whole family with a treated bed net (to keep the mosquitoes away) and trains them on its use.
    • $50 covers the cost of broadcasting malaria prevention messages on local African stations.
    • $100 trains a healthcare worker to both diagnose and treat malaria.
    • Anything more could go to improve medical centers and their equipment.
  • Fund-raise.

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