Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorium | Memorial Day 2015


"The work and sacrifice of all of you
help to ensure the peace and security
of individuals and societies.
I pray that you yourselves
will always be kept safe as...
you fulfill your professional duties,
and that the divine gifts of wisdom and
strength will ever accompany you
in the service of your own countries
and of your fellow men and women.
Upon you and your families,
I invoke the grace and peace
of our Lord Jesus Christ...
I would like to raise my prayer
to the Lord for your many colleagues
who have died in these years
during various missions of peace
and in the defense of law and order.
May their sacrifice not have been in vain!
May their hidden and silent witness
be an encouragement to everyone
not to be resigned to injustice,
but to conquer evil with good!
May God welcome them into
his kingdom of peace
and grant serenity
and comfort
to their families
and to all their loved ones."

—Saint John Paul II

Angelus message to members of the armed forces around the world, November 2000.

Reference: Ignatius Press


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