Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A-Force | 1


Has feminism
changed America?

Technically speaking, I don't believe there has ever been a single united feminism. There have been multiple feminisms representing the efforts of women to live into their full humanity in a world shaped by and for the generally larger and more violent male half of the human species.

To the extent that there is a capital-F Feminism that has dominated the history of feminist thought, it tends to correspond with the goals of the upper-class heterosexual white women who have traditionally been given, and still tend to have, disproportionate power to spread their message--but the movement is so much more than that...

Read this entire article on the history of American feminism here.

***The Philosophical Question of the Week Continues!!!!!

A question will be posed in accordance with new comics (both literate and cinematic) and our lives... there may be a few side notes or recommended texts. But, the main goal is to hear you!!!!!


*****Today's picture comes from A-Force #1 coming out today!!!

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