Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Save the Storks | May 2015 MoM

Happy Mother's Day!!!!!!
The Ministry of the Month this May is Save the Storks!!! Their mission is to save babies and serve mommies. They do this by utilizing vans (much more maneuverable than big buses) loaded with comfortable ultrasound equipment so that a mother can see her baby clearly for the first time. Oftentimes these mothers are at a breaking point in their pregnancy, considering abortion. This tool allows her to make a personal decision on whether or not the life of her child is worth protecting. This is also done in a loving and Christian manner, they have awesome advert. gear (stickers!!!) and COFFEE!!!!

********Pledge your support (NO COST) here!!!!!********

***The ministry of the month encourages an annual donation of approximately $25 for its ministries (that seems the most reasonable way to help without hurting yourself too much). If there is a charity you are called to fall in love with and give the most to, that's a blessing. There is no obligation and this blog has no sort of compensation or really affiliation with the ministry that it is supporting.

*****Please, give me feedback on what you think of the charities/your experiences/charity suggestions... I'd extremely appreciate your input.

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