Saturday, December 15, 2012

Identity | Eyes Wide Open

Dear faithful reader and fellow sojourner on life’s wild ride into the light:

When I think back on my life, I see the many times that I’ve forgotten, not only who I am, but why I’m alive, what truly fulfils me. What does not. Like the characters in my new novel, Eyes Wide Open, every time I forget my true identity, I suffer. I cry out for love in a world that seems, in that moment, to have gone black.

I’ve gone through some dark times searching for that love, and I’ve written some dark novels, because I write to understand life, both as it is and how it might be. But I’ve seen much more light in my life lately.

In truth, I’m no different than any other person with a deep faith in a loving God. I’m the same as you. Which is why you too will identify, on some level, with characters like Christy and Austin in Eyes Wide Open, who, despite that faith, suffer still.

There are times when the challenges of living in this world feel like more than you can bear. When nights all alone in your bedroom seem to turn your heart into a stone. When the mirror tells you that you’re not good enough; when the words of even the most well-meaning say you never will be....

[But, in reality] You're an Outlaw—one who’s been rescued out of the law of sin and death and made whole, now, as you are, a new creature in Christ. You just forget it, all too often, like me.

It was with this deep awareness that I began penning The Outlaw Chronicles...

This the beginning of a new era for me. I’m calling it Outlaw. It’s more than just books—you’ll see that as well. 2013 and 2014 are going to be one wild ride.

But enough of that for now. Take the wild ride from the mind of madness into the heart of mystery and love with me—the world is brimming with beauty and power here. As are you. See who you are. Be Outlaw. Live with Eyes Wide Open.

It all begins with Identity.

For my readers, because I’m really just another version of you;

Ted Dekker

What is Eyes Wide Open?

Eyes Wide Open is one full story delivered in 4 books in the tradition of The Circle (Black, Red, White, Green), only shorter, so that all 4 books fit into one novel. A fast paced, deeply spiritual, train wreck of a story (in the best possible way) with eye-opening themes. Or think of it like an episodic TV Series. 4 episodes or books that make a full season—a novel called Eyes Wide Open.

Think of the first book or episode, Identity, as the pilot. You get it free on December 28th. Make sense? Yes, we’re unabashedly hooking you with that first episode, knowing you will take the full ride like many of you did with The Circle—it’s really that good, you’ll see. But you can judge for yourself with no obligation. Identity is free. No strings attached.

Wanna trip? The ride starts in 2 weeks!

*** Here's another post about this book!!

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