Monday, March 5, 2012




Have you wondered how it would be to play Mario with portals or play Portal as a plumber?!? Yes, of course you have!!! Here's your chance to mix up these two great games!!! Download the game, climb some big green pipes, make a level, and save you princess!!!!

Download the game here:

Or click the image for Windows:

After downloading, you'll most-likely need to unzip the package and click the application. Honestly, I'm not much of a fan of Mario, but this game is pretty fun so far. I haven't had any trouble downloading it or playing it. Use Space Bar to jump, WASD to move, and maneuver the mouse to shoot your portal gun. Right and Left mouse buttons trigger the different portals. I haven't created a level yet, but it sounds fun. And, I'm hoping that you still get to save Princess Peach at the end, but since it is Portal... I have a gut feeling that there may just be a cake... a holographic cake.

Even though these guys didn't make it into the game, there's still a multiplayer mode. Even though I have not officially beaten Portal or Portal 2, what I have played is pretty awesome; especially multiplayer Portal 2. And, I'm sure these guys will wait for you to beat Mari0 before you return to them in Portal 2. 

In other news, this is definitely not the official Portal 3 trailer:

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