Thursday, March 1, 2012

Colonial America (AC III)

After a couple leaks of the Assassin's Creed III story line (with images), Ubisoft released it's cover images (securing the story). For more information, here's the website: and another blogger with some inside scoop: You may also go and preorder a copy today!! Otherwise just check out the awesome pictures and trailer here to wet your appetite. (For even more pictures click here!!)

Looking at the pictures, it seems like we'll get to face some redcoats and stand up for liberty from the British. I think it would be pretty awesome to help out with the Tea Party, be warned by Paul Revere, meet George Washington, and witness the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

My main concern is the game turning into a knock off of National Treasure. But, as long as they stay true to the history and find useful ways to incorporate this type of character within it; adding even more original twists (maybe even with the masons) than Nicholas Cage did this game should be awesome.

I must admit, I probably would have picked a different time period for this sort of assassin to reappear in (Ancient Greece, Egypt, or maybe even a Samurai). The Revolutionary time period always seemed to me to focus on the brute/loud merc class with the noisy muskets and pistols. But, that could be a good reason to try a different strategy here: stealth. Instead of having a shot heard around the world, the assassin can just pull out his hatchet and scalp you from behind. Speaking of scalps and hatchets, I would love it even more if they found a way to dig into the Native American heritage in this game (especially since they would be much bigger experts on stealth than the average immigrating white guy). Perhaps the main character is even half Native (Hope so!).

Otherwise, a good possibility is that he's a French Assassin (first ones to ally with the Natives and use their weaponry) who is on the American side (either hired or willingly) killing Brits.

It's going to be either a hit or miss. I'm predicting a hit.

Here's the trailer!!!

This would be an awesome game theme song:

A fitting Indian prayer:

The Hunters

There were but two beneath the sky
The thing I came to kill, and I.
I, under covert, quietly
Watched him sense eternity
From quivering brush to pointed nose
My gun to shoulder level rose
And then I felt (I could not see)
Far off a hunter watching me.
I slowly put my rifle by,
For there were two who had to die
The thing I wished to kill, and I.

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