Saturday, July 2, 2011


If you're looking for an awesome two-player game for the summer: This Is It.

Hunted: The Demon's Forge takes the combat action and teamwork from Army of Two; the weapons and setting from Baldur's Gate; and the magic/powers from Infamous (with an elemental twist).

Centered around two strongly charactered mercenaries: Caddoc: the tough and weathered melee-man and E'lara: the jump-the-gun fun-loving elf archer. You go through the game pounding down on orc-like creatures, minotaur, demons, and witches. Even though for most of the game you don't have too much choice in your next objective (besides plundering the side treasure rooms and deciding which beast to slay in which order by using different upgrades or execution shots) there are three optional endings (depending on whether or not you drink Slag: an addictive steroidal drink made with dark magic).

This game is the best co-op I've played in a while, really reminding me of when I played Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance only with way better playing experience with graphics and game play. (My brother (archer) and I (melee) rented and beat the game in two days and still want to buy it.)

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