Monday, May 9, 2011

Kirby Krackle

A friend and I stumbled across a nerdy band called Kirby Krackle this spring. The first song we heard by them was about Hal Jordan accepting the Green Lantern Ring (Ring Capacity). In following up with them we found out they have some pretty sweet songs. One of my favorites is Secret Identity:

Another one of their good songs is Up Up Down Down with a surprise ending (and awesome Wilson Fisk lyric):

They have some more songs such as Henchmen, T-Bagging, Roll Over, and Vault 101 but I think my favorite is the Great Lakes Avengers. What makes this one so good is that the Great Lakes Avengers (now called the Great Lakes Initiative) really exists.

And, even the man who is now their leader (Gravity) never really wanted to join this Milwaukee, WI superhero group. With characters like Big Bertha, Flatman, Grasshopper, and Squirrel Girl, who can blame him?

But, at least the Doorman seems pretty cool, he can make portals and bring souls to the afterlife.

On a side-note, the most-popular Deadpool at one time joined this joke of a group (before Gravity was a member).

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