Thursday, May 5, 2011

A god with a Hammer

I almost forgot!!! In even more news, THOR (the movie produced by Marvel) is released this Friday!!!! I will hopefully get to go see it this weekend or next week. Some wrestler dude is playing the role as Thor while the very attractive Natalie Portman plays the role of his romantic interest.

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The man from the Old Spice commercials will be interviewing people on the red carpet for the Thor premiere: Sadly though, Dr. Pepper is the main soda sponsor of this movie (not Pepsi).

Being cast down from his version of Heaven (Asgard) this movie goes in to the basic premise of Thor's origins here on Earth. Where he is conflicted as both a man and god. The balance of his might and will always seems to be a key in Thor's character. Because of his strength, he seems to always win his battles (a great ally to have). Hopefully this movie is to help set up an Avengers movie, a group who holds Thor as one of their biggest allies.

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... After watching the movie, the ending wasn't too sad, but sadder than I thought it would be. Definitely worth staying to watch the clip after the credits announcing Thor's return for the Avengers and hinting at Loki being in the Avengers Movie. The only thing I would change about the movie (to keep it closer to the comic books) would be to add Baldar (Thor and Loki's 3rd brother who would have taken over Asgard in Odin's absence.). Only seeing one thing really wrong with the movie is pretty impressive. There are a lot of funny scenes and the Asgardian attitudes seem to warm the heart.

... The Hawkeye tie-in was pretty great as well.

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