Monday, November 4, 2013

Christian Worship | Backwards Things

"In the refusal of a soul to look up with adoration to the Creator and Preserver of all things, we recognize something monstrous. It is not strange that we find worship prevailing among all peoples. The idea of God may be very obscure or perverted; the forms of worship may be low and repulsive; but the impulse and capacity are there.

Let us listen to the words of a heathen writer, whose wisdom gave dignity [even] to a life of slavery: 'Any one thing in creation is sufficient to demonstrate a providence to a humble and grateful mind. If we had any understanding, ought we not, both in public and private, incessantly to sing and praise the Deity, and rehearse his benefits? Ought we not, whether we dig, or plough, or eat, to sing this hymn to God? 'Great is God, who has given us hands and organs of digestion; who has given us to grow insensibly, to breathe in sleep.''

Worship is thus seen to originate in the nature and needs of the human soul (p.10)."

Christian Worship: Its Principles and Forms by Richard and Painter.


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