Monday, November 4, 2013

Christian Worship | Backwards Things II

"Christianity encourages, guides, elevates, and sanctifies human worship. It gives us clearer conceptions of the divine character, especially of the fatherhood and love of God.

It changes our nature through the new birth, and affords us immediate access to God through his Son. It gives us assurance of being accepted in our worship, and encourages prayer by repeated promises that our petitions will be heard and answered.

It brings the gift of the Holy Ghost, by whom we fervently say Abba, Father.

It blesses us even during our earthly existence with eternal life, by bringing us into harmony with the divine character and will.

When, therefore, it is said that 'Worship springs from the congregation, the congregation from the church, and the church from Christ,' the order of nature and of fact is reversed. Worship springs from the constitution of the human soul; and the congregation and the church are but aggregations of individuals who had been previously called of Christ (p.10-11)."

Christian Worship: Its Principles and Forms by Richard and Painter.


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