Friday, November 30, 2012

What is Advent?

Here's a message from my Fieldwork church (Messiah):

Advent is the Latin word used to describe the fact that Jesus is coming to earth. Before Jesus was born, people were waiting for the first advent of the Messiah. Since Jesus came to earth 2000 years ago and fulfilled God’s plan of Salvation by dying on the cross and rising from the dead, New Testament Christians are waiting for Jesus to come again on the last day.

The four Sundays leading up to Christmas focus on Bible readings that present two important themes 1) preparing our hearts for Jesus to come again on the last day 2) preparing our hearts to celebrate Jesus’ first advent at Christmas. The more important part of being prepared is a repentant heart, a deep awareness of our need for a Savior to redeem us from sin. May this season of Advent be a time of reflection, joy, and peace!

New Testament Lesson: Jeremiah 33:14-16
God’s promise to send a Savior through the line of King David

Gospel Lesson: Luke 19:28-40
Jesus the King arrives in Jerusalem – His first advent

And, this is a Chestertonian take on the season (just skip the first couple minutes if you're not interested in the books).

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