Saturday, November 17, 2012

Ravi's Letter 11/15/12

I received this letter from Ravi a couple on days ago:

The last few days have seen the country consumed by the emotional roller coaster of elections, in this vortex we call politics. 
I was reading Isaiah 40 and reminded that it does not say, “They that hope in politics shall renew their strength.” Nor does it say, “They that hope in financial security shall renew their strength.” It does say, “They that hope in the Lord shall renew their strength.” It goes on to remind us that the eagle eye view is very different to the limits of myopia. I have been praying so much that the Lord will help us to soar and not get locked into the immediate.

At the same time, it has been a stern reminder that we redouble our efforts to reach this world with the gospel. That is our divine mandate. That is our only security. RZIM is truly a ministry for such a time as this. So many have written to us to remind us of our calling and the urgency. We will not waver. We sense God opening doors that were thought sealed shut, and we are in arenas that our world situation has sprung open. The year seems close to an end, but our entire team is very busy during these months.

For me, I have just finished meetings in the West Coast with many men making a new commitment to Jesus Christ. I did three men’s breakfasts with evangelism as the goal. Then I was in New York to speak at the Brooklyn Tabernacle and straight from there to Oxford and London with two services at Holy Trinity, Brompton. Shortly after that, we have a historic opportunity in Abu Dhabi to speak at the famed Zayed University. This is the first for a Christian scholar to be invited to speak to the entire student body and the neighboring colleges. This was made possible by the invitation of Sheikh Nahyan al Nahyan. It is quite amazing. Following that, I will be in India.

Our entire team is facing such unique opportunities. Please pray for us. All of this is made possible because of your kindness, generosity, and love for this work. Please accept our heartfelt thanks. Political seasons will come and go. The word of the Lord is everlasting.
May God bless you.


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