Friday, November 30, 2012

Huckabee Survey

Dear Friend,

On the night of the Election I said there is a lot to be disappointed by in the election results but not despondent.

The truth of the matter is our nation is not hopelessly lost—it's still filled with good, loving, and patriotic people who love God, their families and each other.

Now many in our Party are putting forth new ideas and strategies to remake ourselves before the next elections so voters will choose us instead of the Democrats.

What I don’t hear enough of, is what actual voters like you think about the elections and our Party. I also want to know what you expected from a Romney administration had Mitt won. And what do you think of a possible compromise in Washington to avert the fiscal cliff and what type of leader do you want to run for President in 2016.

So please go to my website now and complete our American Patriot Survey. After we receive 10,000 responses, I will share the results with you in a follow-up email.

The wailing and whining about the election result needs to stop. We need to gear up and get ready for the next battle. That's what we do as people of faith and a party of principle. We don't stop believing what we believe. We do a better job of doing what we're supposed to do. That’s how you attract voters and win elections.


Mike Huckabee

Use this link to complete my American Patriot Survey today:

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