Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Synagogue and The Church (Statues)

Here are sketches of The Synagogue (4) and The Church (5), two statues found in Strasbourg, France. The Synagogue is stands blinded, barely grasping properly a tool for measurement and almost dropping the tablets of the Law (Ten Commandments). In contrast, Christ has removed the blindfold, creating The Church. She is crowned in beauty and carrying a cross along with the Common Cup. Where as The Synagogue looks blind and ragged, Christ's sacrifice reminds us of His love and our beauty (wearing a crown and dress as His royal Bride).

"Strasbourg cathedral still preserves, on both sides of the south porch, dating from the XII th century, two statues of the Church and Synagogue carved in the middle of XIII th century. Thus these representations carved on the portals of the churches appear to have been made ​​from 1210 to 1260, that is to say, especially during the disastrous to the Jews, that they were persecuted with the most energy in the West. The Synagogue of the cathedral of Strasbourg we give (4) is blindfolded, his standard is broken in his hand, his left arm, while, drop the tables. The Church (5) is a graceful figure, almost smiling, carved with a delicacy rare in this beautiful red sandstone of the Vosges, which is the color of bronze." -Click the pictures for the website quoted above.

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  1. The ststue of the blindfolded figure losing it's grip on the Ten Commandments is obviously the Church!!