Thursday, September 29, 2011

Different X (Anjin Anhut)

Anjin Anhut shows Cyclops, Iceman, Beast, "Marvel Girl," and Angel in all-new ways. He has tried "to make their mutations not only very visible, but to a certain degree disfiguring. Something that renders them to be freaks on the surface so that they can show their humanity in their deeds."

Cyclops' face is scarred (revealing some skeletal structure) from his laser-bursts. Iceman is rougher, able to form himself into any shape he chooses. Beast has two opposable thumbs on his hands. Marvel Girl has an unusually large head and frail body to signify her mind's power over-shadowing her body's weakness.

Angel, Anjin understood as someone who had always wanted to be normal but was still always the one who had huge wings and stood out in a form that normal people would have wished for/worshiped. He was a classic example of someone who has a great gift, but doesn't appreciate in. Anjin chose to change that, making Angel more bird-like, his name is more of a nickname. The cross necklace perhaps hints at a strong Christian influence (probably the source of this now nickname).

Even though other artists have definitely tried to show the humanity of superheroes in different ways (to bring them down to our level), I'm glad that here Anjin changes the physical aspects instead of just the emotions or facial expressions (Click the picture for original source).

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