Saturday, January 4, 2014

THE DELIVERER | Super Inc. Cinema


Like Darcy must have felt in the scene above, the Israelites just got dumped on. They were left drenched, out in the rain, no longer the apple of their Creator's eye.

In the same way, we tend to find ourselves lacking. We turn away from God, never as committed or whole-heartedly following Him as we should be. Sin has its way with us far too often. Can He ever forgive us? This isn't the end...

As the scene continues, the rain lets up. It is no longer Darcy who is center screen, but the true female lead, the romantic interest, the heart of the god. We may realize that is actually who Israel has been this entire time: The heart of God.

Of course, He forgives her. He has longed for her, waited for her, and cared for her more than she could ever know...


He is born.

The time of the Judges has come and gone, the people of Israel had lifted up kings who only led them into devastation... God's people had been separated, sold into slavery and ruin... Prophets had risen up, but there had been at least 400 years without a single voice... without any word from God...

Then, He returns.

The voice of John echoes through his disciples, "Are you the one..."

The song of The Prophet long ago has finally been answered, the blind see, the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, and the deaf hear. He has come to save you.

But, where has He been?!?

This whole time, the Lord has not sat idly by.

Again and again, he has been with us. The Angel of the Lord has guided us. His Spirit has led us. How often He would have gathered the children of humanity together as a hen gathers her brood, safely under her wings... yet, you would not.

He has been fighting our battles, staying our side, bearing arms and spilling blood. Yet, we persecute Him. The world refuses to see Him.

Even after the Eternal One had entered time, the man born of a virgin, lowly in a stable, heralded by angels and a crowd of shepherds, had quickly become invisible to the secular eye. If it were not so, the Christ child would not have been immediately followed and worshiped or even treated as a noble... He would have been slain... long before His ministry had even begun.

Even in this way, more of God's prophecies had come to pass.

Thirty years later, the fulfillment of His time comes. Christ Jesus allows the world to slay Him in order to rid us of our sin and give us His righteousness.

This had been His plan since the beginning.

He had always been the Master, Creator, and Father. He had always been our Comforter, Redeemer, and Guide. He has constantly cared for, provided for, and loved us.

Now, with His birth, we may finally put a face to The Groom.

The Maker of Fate has brought us together.

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