Sunday, January 1, 2012

Prepare Your Knees for the Coming Battles

In Kneeling We Surrender, In Prayer We Conquer

There are events like Easter and Christmas and hopefully every Sunday, when we worship and praise the Lord in our churches, in large evangelistic crusades, or even in citywide marches. When a small number or a multitude of Christians congregate in prayer, they give voice and allegiance to the God of the universe. Those are the times when the enemy shudders. The people of God do more damage to the domain of the enemy, not standing in defiance, but kneeling in obedience. It was once said, “Satan trembles when he sees the weakest saint upon his or her knees.”

Therefore, let’s do everything we can to become a threat to the enemy. It seems that in the worship experience, it’s not simply a group of people saying and singing some nice sounding things. We are, in reality, making a corporate statement to the universe concerning whose side we’re on. The communication of our loyalty is not only among us and to God alone, but it is broadcasted to Beelzebul as well. When the scriptures indicate that angels long to look at what has been revealed to the saints, it not only refers to God’s angels but also to the fallen angels. They too wonder when things are going to break. They don’t know the future because they’re not omniscient. They don’t know when God will finally make all things right. They don’t know when their end will come or when Jesus Christ will return. So their dark days are doomed from the start and this gets the demonic forces very shaky.

The satanic kingdom has got to be the most frustrated kingdom in all history. It could never win. They may steal a fleeting victory here and there, but they could never conquer us. Every time a soul is saved, they lose. Every time a demon gets cast out, they lose. Every time God is praised, they lose. Let’s make sure they lose more often. Every time we pray over our home and church and exult the Lord, pray over our children and church members, dedicate our children or baptize new believers, they lose. The more they lose the better it is for all of us.

There was a specific season, early in our Christian lives, when my two brothers and I needed to seek the Father's face for the future direction in our lives. We decided to fast for three days. So we hired a boat that dropped us off on a small deserted island. There we pitched our tents, read our bibles, and got down on our knees to pray together. When the boatman returned on day three, we were a sight to see. We may have lost a few pounds feeling weak in the knees, but our spiritual senses about us was sharper than ever.

Within a span of fifteen years, my youngest brother discovered his gift of leadership and answered the call of God upon his life to be a pastor in one of the fastest growing churches in the country. My oldest brother exercised his gift of evangelism and has become a powerful instrument in God’s hands as he preaches the good news of Jesus Christ. I answered God’s call to preach and teach by going abroad for seminary training and serving the migrant Filipino churches throughout Southern California.

We didn’t get the answers to our prayers overnight. It took awhile for us to realize how God would unpack his plan for three brothers to purposely participate in the outworking of his kingdom. Our prayers didn’t stop when we left that small deserted island. We prioritized and persevered in prayer seeking first God’s kingdom. Let’s keep the demonic forces frustrated. Let’s throw our undivided allegiance in service to our Lord and Savior. Let’s continue to advance the kingdom of God upon our knees!

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