Saturday, August 17, 2013

Pray for Egypt | Ravi Zacharias

Dear Friend,

I am sure you are all following the news of what is happening in Egypt. Between the media and so much political correctness, few are willing to say what the real story is. At RZIM we received a very heart-rending letter from our colleague there. It is painful to read. The prolonged nationwide disruption and brutality of those supposedly just staging a "sit-in" are horrific. How can anyone so destroy their own country and kill their own people and murder minorities and still claim to be for the democratic process? The tragedy is beyond description.

Please pray for Egypt. Pray for its people. This is the land that once gave our Lord refuge. Now it is an arena of carnage and hate. We must pray fervently. Pray for peace in the country; for opposing forces—for the sake of their children—to be willing to talk and bridge nobly a wide chasm; for wisdom for the government and security forces as they deal with the current crisis; for international leaders to have the courage to face reality and make wise decisions; for protection for the church; for the message of the Gospel to shine amid the darkness and for hearts and minds to be opened to the truth.

Many people are being abused and terrorized. Please do pray for Egypt. Only God is able to change this situation in the land.

Ravi Zacharias

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